“Joy Transfer Very Blue Voyager” aka Maui er vores fint blue-merle dreng.

Fødselsdag: 28.02.2021

Farve: blue merle

HD – A, ED – 0, DM – free, ECVO free

Pedigree of Joy Transfer Very Blue Voyager
Joy Transfer Very Blue VoyagerJoy Transfer Melwyn in BlueRarebit Blackjack BoydCopperleaf Burnt Spice
Floatin’ Zipporah
Joy Transfer Blue GlenysFloatin’ Cyntaf In Blue
Joy Transfer Ella Elaine
Joy Transfer RoxanneJoy Transfer QuicksilverHope on California Caleb
Joy Transfer Myfanwy
Guinever’s Joy Inis-HirPecan Valley Touch of Darkness
Guinever’s Joy Furlan City
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